California Latino Caucus Endorses Wendy Carrillo for California State Assembly


Latino Caucus: Roger Salazar 916-284-1255/
Carrillo for Assembly: Lisa Gasperoni 916-803-0433 /

SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, the California Latino Legislative Caucus announced its endorsement of Wendy Carrillo in her race for the 51st District of the California State Assembly.

“The California Latino Caucus is proud to endorse Wendy Carrillo for California State Assembly,” Caucus Chairman Sen. Ben Hueso said, “As an immigrant who came to this country as a child, Wendy Carrillo has a deep understanding of the needs and struggles of the people of her community because she has lived through them. She has lent voice to their struggle during her more than ten years as a journalist and through her work at SEIU ULTCW on behalf of caregivers. We know she will bring that insight to bear for her constituents as a member of the state Legislature.”

Wendy Carrillo is running to replace former Latino Caucus member Jimmy Gomez, who is now serving in the U.S. Congress. She has spent her career advocating for educational opportunity, access to quality healthcare, living wage jobs and social justice. She supports quality debt free college, health care for all, environmental justice, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and creating high wage jobs in California. She has been a community advocate, an award-winning journalist and a member of the communications team for SEIU ULTCW. She became a US citizen in her early 20s and has been recognized for her work in the community.

The California Latino Legislative Caucus serves as a forum for members from the State Senate and Assembly to identify key issues affecting Latinos and develop avenues to empower the Latino Community throughout California. Since its creation 44 years ago, the Caucus has grown in both numbers and stature. It boasts a rich history of legislative and political success and serves as one of the most influential and strategic organizations in California. The Caucus is currently comprised of 26 members, including 10 Latina members.